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Small compact and friendly companion dogs!!

November 28, 2018


Dogs are really the best animals. They neither demand something nor do they complain about something. They are your good friends. The nature of them towards you is friendly. They are living beings like us. Only the difference between them is that they can’t speak like us nor do they share feelings like us. In spite of this, they are best buddies for us. When we talk about this dog that is Beagle. This type of dog is small in size. They are always active and best companions for kids and adults. They are best dogs to be kept as a pet.


The characteristics of Beagles dogs are many. Those are as follows:-

  • Fun loving: their nature is fun loving. They enjoy companion of other people and dogs. They are self-worthy.
  • They can become stubborn at one time when they don’t like things.
  • They have much patience as compared to other dogs.
  • They should be given creative training. This is so because they are creative creatures.
  • They love to play games which have different variations.


The head of this dog is broader in size. Their legs are shorter as compare to the body. They have a domed skull with medium length. They have strong jaws. Their tail is not curled over the back. When the dog becomes active their tail is held upright. They are temperament by nature. Sometimes they are gentle also. They are intelligent. Due to single mind and determined towards the nature of them, they are hard to train. This dog loves children so they are best for the family pet. They are found in England. They are of various color like a combination of tricolor or white with black or brown tan in it. The height of this dog is nearly about 13 to 17 inches. The weight is about 10 to 12 kg. Their lifespan is nearly about 12 to 15 years. They have short hair.

Health Issues

They are living beings and can have a health-related issue. The beagle’s dog suffers from several retinal atrophy. They have a failure of the nasolacrimal drainage system. Due to dry eyes, they have leakage on the face. They have a problem of reverse sneezing, which tends to breathe problems. They can lead to ear infection by which they can become deaf. Major skin problem is also seen in this type of dog. They’re also prone to hip joint issues. We recommend giving your beagle the best dog joint supplements to keep them healthy.

Good for a house pet

This type of dogs is good pets. They are of friendly nature with kids in the family. Kids also love this dog. So they are perfect family dogs. They are curious in nature. They have the tendency to grab things very fast. Their nature is sweet and innocent. They should be given accurate training. They can be your friend lifetime. Due to friendly nature, they can have a calm mind and not so aggressive like others.


Dogs are actually gifted from God to human beings. No other animals except dogs are faithful and loyal towards you. They are the best buddies of yours. They can die for you but will never let you harm yourself. Get the best dog products for Beagles from this recommended website.