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Beagles – Prepare for the cuteness!

October 14, 2018


Beagles can kill you with their sweetness.

It can smoother you with its dumb cuteness.

Besides the above disclaimer, beagle has some massive appeal. Everybody likes them. They can be yappy, when they got to be. It will be more precise to describe this breed as kid friendly rather than family friendly. You will appreciate the former more in the long run. This is a charmingly popular hound in the U.S. This upbeat, high octane, cute little dog is all you need. Within minute’s notice, they make friends. They got such love and adoration for their owners.

How to know it’s a beagle?

Typical hound’s colors give it away – the trio of white, black and brown. Snoopy, made more people familiarize with this breed. It’s still unclear whether Snoopy made beagles famous or vice versa. Regardless of that, these dogs get people’s attention real easy. The cuteness of these dogs persuades anyone to take them home.

A little history…

A Beagle is a proper hound. There are no two ways about it. It was originally bred for chasing the rodents in the field. Centuries of breeding has done nothing but perfecting this hound. It looked all the same, even back in the Roman era. It’s a shame that the ancestry details are not available anymore, owing to millennium old history of these hounds. The most popular opinion about its name origins stems from the French word ‘Begul’, which translates to gaped throat.

Strong vocal behavior

Confirming to assumptions about its name origin, Beagles are loud barkers. Don’t be fooled by their size, the decibels are going to be off the charts, when it barks. Their impeccable vocal cards vibrate when air passes through them. It allows the hound to make a multitude of sounds. It alerts to imminent danger with a normalized bark. Out on the trails, it barks differently, to alert the hunter and rest of the pack on catching a scent. The third and final variation makes them guilty of being howlers.

Strong sense of smell

Being a true hound, beagles effectively catches scent. It stands low to the ground and its nose is always on the trail. No prey can escape this hound since it moves through the nose. The incredibly powerful nose makes them sniffers. Having an impressive memory of scents, they become smart sniffers. Their long hanging ears trap scent towards the nose.

Easy maintenance

Being smart sniffers, you need defined yards to stop them from following trails for miles. Their howling behavior may not be best suited for apartments. These are not your typical small house dogs. They require minimal grooming and maintenance. All you need to do is bathe them a tad more than other pups.

Mandates training

It’s impossible to train these hounds out of their scent trail behavior. Start early with their training. Do not consider stopping their training till they grow to full size. On the bright side, they are food motivated. With some treats, you can get them to do stuff.